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Saint Stories: Anthony of the Desert
Saint Stories: Benedict of Nursia
Saint Stories: Francis of Assisi
Saint Stories: Dominic Guzman
Saint Stories: Mother Rose Duchesne
The Sacraments: Baptism
The Sacraments: The Eucharist
The Sacraments: Confession
Catholic Comic Booklets are handheld comics that are effective tools for teaching people about the Catholic Church. I made them because a member of Catholic Answers Forums mentioned that it would be nice to have a resource like this.

The source of these comics is Treasure Chest Comics, though I've modified them to make them smaller and to put them in booklet format. Treasure Chest Comics was a Catholic comic book magazine that was published on a regular basis from the 1940s through part of the 1970s. The volumes from before 1964 have entered the public domain, which means they can be reissued for free by anyone. The comic was largely distributed via Catholic schools, and so they feature themes that capture childrens' imaginations -- stories of privateers and pirates, Dick Tracy style investigators, and sports heroes. The stories are basically about faithful Catholics, and hundreds of them are explicitly for the purpose of explaining Catholic teaching and history using comic themes.

So I thought: why not make some Catholic comic booklets and use them for evangelization? I even made a back page with a basic Gospel invitation to repentance. I modified it from a tract by St. Paul Street Evangelization, which is a Catholic outreach that helps draw people closer to Jesus and His Church.

Anyway, I've got several comics up now in this modified, booklet form. Here are some example pictures of how a Catholic Comic Booklet looks when printed out properly.

These comic booklets can be printed by an ordinary computer printer. Some cutting and assembly is required, so be ready with scissors and a stapler. (I like to use a paper cutter to produce them more quickly.) Feel free to print out these comics for evangelization purposes. I've made a special page with instructions on how to print them, cut them, and staple them together properly.

Of course, there are many more topics I could make. How about you, readers? Want to suggest some additional topics in the comments? Maybe browse my comic source to help me find good stories that could be useful for evangelization? Also, let me know if you like what I've made so far. And print your own!

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