Church Fathers

This is a list of links to selections from the Church Fathers on over 70 apologetics topics. I hope this page is useful to you for using Church History to support Catholic doctrine.

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  1. The One True God
  2. God Has No Body
  3. The Trinity
  4. The Three Persons of the Trinity
  5. The Divinity of Christ
  6. The Eternal Sonship of Christ
  7. Filioque

  1. Creation out of Nothing
  2. Creation in Genesis
  3. St. Augustine on Evolution

The Sources of Faith
  1. The Canon of Scripture
  2. Apostolic Tradition
  3. Doctrine versus Discipline
  4. Promotion of Bible reading

The Church and the Pope
  1. The Name "Catholic"
  2. Apostolic Succession
  3. Peter the Rock
  4. Peter’s Primacy
  5. Peter in Rome
  6. Peter’s Successors
  7. The Authority of the Pope [part one] [and part two]
  8. Papal Infallibility in the First Seven Ecumenical Councils
  9. Universal Papal Jurisdiction in the First Seven Ecumenical Councils
  10. Popes Deposing Faraway Bishops
  11. Indulgences
  12. Religious Orders, Monks and Nuns
  13. Offering Penances for Self and Others
  14. Ecumenical Outreach
  15. Church and State
  16. Pilgrimages

  1. Mortal Sin
  2. Abortion
  3. Contraception and Sterilization
  4. Homosexuality
  5. Astrology
  6. Sacred Images
  7. Just War
  8. Original Sin
  9. Religious Liberty
  10. Women's Equality
  11. Free Will
  12. Sex Within Marriage
  13. Musical Instruments
  14. "The Church Does Not Kill": Re Capital Punishment

Sacraments and Worship
  1. Baptism as a Means of Grace
  2. Baptismal Regeneration
  3. The Necessity of Baptism
  4. Trinitarian Baptism
  5. Infant Baptism
  6. Forms of Baptism
  7. Confirmation
  8. The Real Presence
  9. The Sacrifice of the Mass
  10. Confession
  11. Bishop, Priest, and Deacon
  12. Women Priests?
  13. The Permanence of Marriage
  14. Sabbath or Sunday?
  15. Holy Days
  16. Cross or Torture Stake?

Mary, the Saints, the Miraculous
  1. Mary, Full of Grace
  2. Mary, Mother of God
  3. Mary, Ever Virgin
  4. Mary, Assumed into Heaven
  5. Intercession of the Saints
  6. Honoring the Saints
  7. Relics
  8. Ongoing Miracles
  9. Private Revelation
  10. Angels and Devils

The Last Things
  1. Salvation Outside the Church
  2. More on Salvation for Non-Catholics
  3. Reward and Merit
  4. Purgatory
  5. Hell
  6. Reincarnation?
  7. The Resurrection of the Body
  8. The Antichrist