Defend Your Faith Series

Defend Your Faith Series Shield
This apologetics course is called the Defend Your Faith Series. It is sponsored by the History and Apologetics website. There are currently thirty sessions, ten on Secularism, ten on Protestantism, and ten on the Sacraments. The program can be done on a weekly or monthly basis. Each session is based around one of the handouts linked below.
Series 1, Answering Secularists

Creation & Evolution
Adam/Eve & Evolution
The Bible and Violence
The Bible and Slavery
The Bible and Women
The Bible and Homosexuality
The Possibility of Miracles
God’s Existence
The Case for Christ: The Rational Basis
for His Existence and Resurrection

Proving the Bible’s Truth
Series 2, Answering Protestants

Why the Church Fathers are Important
The Pope
The Trinity
Mary: The Immaculate Conception
Mary: Ever-Virgin
Mary: Assumed into Heaven
Devotion and Prayer to the Saints
Series 3, Defending the Sacraments

Baptism and Salvation
Baptism by Pouring
Infant Baptism
The Eucharist
Ordination and Calling Priests 'Father'
Male-Only Priesthoood
Celibate Priesthood
Marriage, Divorce, and Annulments
Confirmation and Anointing of the Sick
To facilitate each session, the session leader prints one of the handouts as a double-sided single sheet of paper, and passes out copies of it to the participants. Then, they go through the questions one by one, reading the Catechism passages and Bible verses as a group. The session leader facilitates a discussion of how to use these passages to understand and defend Catholic teaching.

The program is best used in a small group setting, but if there is a larger group the session leader can have groups of four to six people work in separate circles and have them each look up different verses. Then, later in the session, the circles can come back together to explain how to use the passages they looked at to defend the faith.

If you are interested in using this program with your group, feel free to print out the sheets you want to use and go for it. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the History and Apologetics website creator, Daniel Marcum. His contact info can be found on the About Me page.